Buying a house or a condo can be a daunting task, whether you are a first-time buyer, or an experienced homeowner seeking something special.
I am patient and listen, so that I fully understand your needs. My clients receive an efficient and focused approach to the buying process, through valuable insight, advice and constant communication.
I represent buyers in all price ranges, and everyone receives the benefit of my experience, to get the results you expect.

1. My Buyer’s Process has 8 Steps.

It begins with a consultation  
This meeting can be completed in person or virtually. I will listen to understand your needs, ask detailed questions about your wishlist.
I will answer any questions you have and offer advice on how we can move forward to meet your goals.  
2. Pr Mortgage Pre-qualification
I assist my Buyers to obtain suitable mortgage products at very competitive interest rates. 
All major banks have mobile mortgage specialists who work with Realtors. There are also independent mortgage brokers that I work with.
These specialists have flexible schedules, to accommodate your busy lifestyle. They have the expertise to get you the best mortgage, often at rates lower than the local bank branches. 
Being fully pre-approved for a mortgage allows a Buyer to know their budget, adding confidence to the process, especially if there are multiple offers on the house or condo that you want to buy.   

3. New Listings sent to you
Buyers receive automated emails containing all new listings that meet your criteria, plus personalized manual searches that I complete during the day, whenever a great new listing becomes available.
Viewing the pictures and reading the descriptions, allows you to be fully informed and builds your knowledge of the houses or condos that are available.  
4. Scheduling viewings 
This is the fun part. We will view any houses or condos that we have mutually agreed to view.
I may have selected some and you may have selected a few.
Working together, viewing properties and sharing your thoughts, helps me better understand your needs and allows me to pinpoint the neighbourhoods, styles and features that will lead us to find the perfect home for you. 
5. Making an Offer
When you have found the house or condo that meets your needs, you will know it.
My Buyers always gain the confidence to make the right decision because I am patient throughout the search. 
Before preparing the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, I listen to your concerns and requirements, then share my advice, sales data, answer any questions and then draft a comprehensive offer that reflects your needs.
If the offer is accepted, it’s on to the final steps of the purchase process!
6. Offer acceptance, completing financing, inspection and other conditions
After the Seller accepts your offer, any conditions that were in your Agreement of Purchase and Sale must be completed, so that the offer becomes firm.
For example, if the offer contained a financing condition, the final step is to obtain a commitment letter for the specific property you have purchased.
Because a mortgage pre-approval was previously obtained, it helps to speed up the final approval. In some cases, the mortgage lender may want to complete an appraisal of the property. 
A building inspection reviews the interior and exterior to identify any concerns or problems.
Options exist to remedy any concerns if they arise.   
Once the conditions contained within your offer have all been met, the purchase is complete, and the next step is the closing and the move-in date.

7. The Closing date
A few days prior to the date set for closing, you will meet with your lawyer and sign the necessary documents.
During the afternoon of the closing date, money is exchanged between the two lawyers who represent the Buyer and the Seller. Once the Deed is registered in your name, the property is legally yours! 
Keys will be available, and you can move into your new home.
8. Celebrate Home Ownership!
With your keys in hand, congratulations are in order! 
Welcome to your new home. Cherish the moment.
Its been a long process, but a huge step forward.
Owning any type of real estate is significant accomplishment and a building block towards financial growth.