By: Randy Miller

GTA Real Estate Buyers Turn To The Suburbs As More People Work From Home

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Torontonians are increasingly heading to the suburbs and further afield, driving up sales in Niagara, Durham Region and Hamilton, as they search for more space after months of being cooped up in their condos and relatively tiny homes during the pandemic.
I’ve dealt with buyers seeking the space and size that Durham houses offer. One recent buyer left a condo, while a few of my current buyers are now moving up, to larger houses so they can gain a home office that is suitable for working from home.  
Before the coronavirus pandemic hit in March, the GTA real estate market was driven by high demand and was in danger of overheating. Once our governments restricted activity to limit the spread of the Covid virus and so many people began working from Toronto residents began to look for other living arrangements.
With many detached houses in the Durham Region selling  below $600,000, the area had already been a hot spot for buyers. Outlying areas like Durham seem like bargains for buyers from Toronto, where detached and semi-detached houses sell for in excess of $1-million.
The fear of a second wave of coronavirus cases and another lockdown is also motivating people to look for more space and different work at home functionality. Although sales in Ontario are rebounding from April lows, the volume is still below normal levels. A reduction in the number of listings available to buyers properties is producing multiple offers and pushing prices upward.
Whether you are seeking your first home, or moving up to a larger home, let me experience within Durham Region work for you.

I’ve been selling in the area for over 25 years and I will help you find the right house that meets your requirements.