Whitby Real Estate

Whitby is located within the Regional Municipality of Durham and is considered to be a part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Whitby is located approximately 50 kilometres east of Toronto on the shores of Lake Ontario and is bordered by the Town of Ajax to the west and the City of Oshawa to the east. Within north Whitby, a bustling historic community named Brooklin is home to about 35,000 residents. Brooklin is located north of Highway 7 and it will be well served by Hwy 407 when it is extended from Pickering to Whitby.
The total population of Whitby is approximately 140,000, with hundreds of new homes being built every year. According to the Region of Durham, the population of Whitby is expected to reach 193,000 by 2031. Highway 401, Canada's busiest expressway, travels through the middle of Whitby and provides easy access to Toronto. Whitby is also serviced by public transportation including GO trains and Durham Region Transit buses.
The Town has a vibrant business community, with more than 2,300 businesses and a labour force of about 50,000. Whitby bills itself as "Durham's Business Centre" because it has a strong and diverse industrial base that covers a wide range of industries such as plastics, packaging, automotive, pharmaceuticals, steel, Durham Regional headquarters and provincial courthouses.  The retail sector includes several large plazas and two retail power centers. Whitby has a hospital, which is part of Lakeridge Heath Network.


Whitby's history dates back to 1792, when the township was surveyed by a resident of Northern England. This surveyor named all the townships east of Toronto after towns on England's north eastern coast: Scarborough, Pickering, York, Darlington, and Whitby. Two centuries ago, Whitby's largest asset was its natural harbour located on Lake Ontario. Archives show that grain was shipped from northern farmland to the harbour in 1833 and that a road was built in the 1840s from Whitby Harbour to Georgian Bay and Lake Simcoe. This brought settlement and trade through the harbour to and from the surrounding rich northern localities. In 1836, a downtown business center was established by Whitby's founder, Peter Perry.
Whitby was incorporated as a town in 1855. During the 1870's a railway was constructed to Lindsay and Port Perry from the harbour. During World War II, Whitby s hosted Camp X, a secret spy training facility located on the shores of Lake Ontario. Camp X was established by Sir William "Man Called Intrepid" Stephenson (Canadian soldier, inventor and spymaster, and the senior representative of British Intelligence for the western hemisphere during the war). Many consider Stephenson to be a real-life basis for the film character James Bond. Camp X's buildings have since been demolished, but in 1984 Ontario's Lieutenant-Governor John Black Aird unveiled a monument on the site.
Buildings in Whitby feature many beautiful architectural designs, including the Ontario County Court House, St. James Cathedral and University College. Whitby is also the site of Trafalgar Castle School, a private girls' school founded in 1874. The building, constructed as an Elizabethan-style castle in 1859–62 as a private residence for the Sheriff of Ontario County, is a significant architectural landmark and Whitby's only Provincial historic site marked with a plaque. The school is still in operation and celebrated its 125th anniversary in 1999.

Living in Whitby

Recreation facilities are bountiful in Whitby and residents can enjoy a full range of excellent services. They include the Iroquois Sports Complex which has six ice pads, outdoor tennis courts, a swimming pool, baseball fields and soccer fields. Whitby also has two hockey rinks and a figure skating facility at the McKinney Sports complex and one additional ice pad at the Luther Vipond Arena in Brooklin. There are seven golf courses in Whitby. In 2009, Whitby opened a dome containing two soccer fields.
 Whitby can be generally described as being upper middle class. It is a family oriented and its recreation facilities promote those values. Large conservations areas such as Heber Downs and other natural reserves all around the town add to the quality of life of its population. There is a wide range of housing choices, from several high-rise condominium buildings and small starter houses to multi-million dollar estates in rural areas. Housing within Whitby is generally affordable, with starter townhouses available around $525,000 and four bedroom detached houses selling for about $700,000 and up.