Ajax Real Estate

 Ajax is considered is within the Regional Municipality of Durham and considered a part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Ajax is located approximately 40 kilometres east of Toronto on the shores of Lake Ontario and is bordered by the City of Pickering to the west and the Town of Whitby to the east.
 The population of Ajax is approximately 91,000, with hundreds of new homes being built every year. According to the Region of Durham, the population of Ajax is expected to reach 138,000 by 2031. The Town has a vibrant business community as well, with more than 1,900 businesses and a labour force of about 45,000. The retail sector includes a regional shopping centre at Harwood Ave. N. and Highway 2 (Kingston Rd.), along with many smaller outlets.
 Highway 401, Canada's busiest expressway travels through the middle of Ajax and provides easy access to Toronto. Ajax is also serviced by GO trains and Durham Region Transit buses. Ajax has a hospital, which is part of Rouge Valley Health Network. Ajax also has another unique feature, a casino. Picov Downs is a busy new destination; it has slot machines and a horse racetrack.
 As a rapidly-growing community, Ajax includes a vibrant mix of established and new neighbourhoods. The diversity of our population can be seen every day, and at regular community events such as Home Week, Ajax Family Festival and Pickering Village Fall Festival, among others.


 The town was first established in 1941 when a Defence Industries Limited (D.I.L.) shell plant was constructed and a settlement area grew around the plant. By 1945 the plant had filled 40 million shells; employed over 9,000 people at peak production; boasted of its own water and sewage treatment plants. This growth fostered more infrastructure, including a school with a population of over 600 with 30 miles of railroad and 30 miles of roads. The entire D.I.L. plant site included some 2,985 acres. People came from all over Canada to work at D.I.L.
 This enormous burgeoning war plant community needed a name. The town’s name was supplied by the first significant British naval victory of World War II. From December 13 to December 19, 1939, a flotilla of British warships - HMS Ajax, HMS Exeter and HMS Achilles - commanded by Commodore Henry Harwood - engaged and routed the powerful German pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee at the Battle of the River Plate, near the Uraguayan port of Montevideo in South America. Ajax was chosen as the name of this war-born community. Until recently, all of the streets located within Ajax were named after solders who serviced on the HMS Ajax.
 After the War ended, the University of Toronto leased much of the D.I.L. plant to house the onslaught of newly discharged men from the armed forces who had enrolled as engineering students. War machinery was moved out and the buildings and they were converted to classrooms and laboratories. By 1949, the last year of the University of Toronto’s Ajax Division, some 7,000 engineering students had received their basic training here.
 After the University of Toronto left the town's growth was largely due to the vision of George W. Finley of Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation. He envisioned a modern planned community using the war time base for its post-war foundation.
 From 1941 to 1950, Ajax had no local municipal government of its own; it was a part of the Township of Pickering. In 1950, as a result of a petition of its citizens, Ajax, by order of the Ontario Municipal Board, became the Corporation of the Improvement District of Ajax. On December 13, 1954, the residents of Ajax elected the first Town Council and the first Public School Board. On June 22, 1973, the Ontario Legislature enacted Bill 162 to amalgamate the Town of Ajax and the Village of Pickering and annex certain portions of the Township of Pickering to the Town of Ajax, as part of the creation of the new Durham Region.

Living in Ajax

 Residents enjoy a full range of excellent municipal services of city quality within a mid-sized town setting. There are plenty of amenities including five ice rinks, two large community centers, an outdoor sports complex with several soccer pitches and baseball diamonds. There are five golf courses in Ajax, ranging from family oriented courses to the popular courses at Deer Creek. Being located on the shores of Lake Ontario provides for six kilometres of waterfront remain largely undeveloped for the enjoyment of everyone. There are dozens of neighbourhood parks within the Town which total 600 hectares.
 Life in Ajax is best described as being family oriented and close to Toronto.  As a middle-class community, Ajax positions itself as a great place for young families, with plenty of amenities to serve an active household. Green areas and natural reserves all around the town add to the quality of life of its population. There is a wide range of housing choices, from high-rise condominium buildings and small starter houses to million dollar estates located on a golf course.  Housing with Ajax is affordable, with starter townhouses available under $550,000 and four bedroom detached houses selling for about $750,000 or more.