What's required to list a property for sale?

For our appointment, there are a number of items that are required to list a property for sale. (Agreement of Purchase and Sale)

  1. A statement from the city or municipality that indicates the amount of your full annual property taxes for 2010. Statements that contain Interim Tax amounts do not reflect the total amount of annual property taxes.  

  2. A copy of a survey. Technically called a building location survey, this paper shows the dimensions of your lot size and shows the location of the dwelling on the lot. Ideally, it should be sealed or signed and dated by an Ontario Land Surveyor. If you have a high-rise condo, or a condo townhouse, you will not have a survey. Condominium property owners should gather information related to the current monthly maintenance fees and what services or utilities are included. The name and contact information of the property manager is helpful. A year-end statement or an update from the condo association or the property manager containing any information on forthcoming special assessments, maintenance fee increases is very important.

  3. A key to your front door. This is placed in a lock-box (a small device that hangs on a doorknob that contains the key). The lockbox is facilitates showings when you are not home or available to let an agent into your house for a showing.

  4. A list of any items (fixtures or chattels) that are to be included or excluded with the sale of your property.  Fixtures are items such as shelving or built-in microwave that are permanently attached. If you wish to take anything that is attached within a house or condo, it must be noted on a listing. A chattel is not attached, but should be clarified on the listing agreement. An example of a chattel would be appliances such as a fridge or an electric stove. While it must receive hydro to function, it is not attached.

  5. A list of any rental contracts that exist. A typical rental item is a hot water tank. Some people have alarm systems that are tied to monitoring contracts. Some furnaces and air conditioners are rentals. Please provide an accurate list and ask if you are not sure.

  6. A list of any improvements or renovations that have been completed. To help to sell a house, consumers want information and details. If you know the year of the work, it is helpful. You often see a remark on a listing such as “new windows in 2006”. This information helps to market the property to buyers. 

  7. To facilitate a sale and to achieve the best price possible, it is important to prepare the house or condo for showings. Nothing is more appealing to buyers than a clean and well maintained house. Some sellers may prefer to hire a Home-stager to obtain a very inviting interior. If anyone has ever watched a TV show on selling or preparing a house, they know that cleanliness, neutral paint colours and an uncluttered interior are critically important. Likewise, for owners with yards, please ensure that the grounds and house exterior are well maintained. If you have questions regarding the preparedness of your home, please ask. I’d be happy to help and suggest anything that will provide you with a cost effective return.